Canteen Cap

Canteen Cap
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  • Item #: 72601-62
  • Manufacturer: Avon Protection
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This canteen cap will allow you to plug your Avon mask drink coupler into a US military standard issue plastic canteen.  This is for the canteen cap only (not canteen included).    


• Unplug the drink coupler from the storage pocket under the front module and unwrap the external drink tube.
• Push the drink coupler fully into the canteen cap.
• Turn the drink valve ON by rotating the small lever located on the left side of the front module. This rotates the internal drink tube towards the mouth.
• Hold the canteen upside down at eye level and blow into the internal drink tube to pressurize the canteen. Drink as required. When finished drinking blow through the internal drink tube to clear water from the drinking tube.
• Turn the lever in the opposite direction to turn the valve OFF to move the internal drink tube to the side of the respirator facepiece. Ensure the valve is in the position prior to disconnecting the canteen.
• Uncouple the canteen by pulling the drink coupler from the canteen cup. Do not unscrew the cap. Stow the external drinking tube and coupler within the drink coupler receptacle provided on the respirator.

Here's a video of the mask drink coupler being plugged into a canteen with this cap.

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