CBR50i 3L Chem Bio Reservoir

CBR50i 3L Chem Bio Reservoir
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  • Item #: 90818
  • Manufacturer: Avon Protection
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 90818
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The CBR50i Chem Bio Reservoir is engineered to integrate with Avon masks, providing 3 liters of safe drinking water.  This is the ONLY reservoir recommended by Avon for use in a CBRN environment.  DuraFlex Barrier technology resists live chemical and biological warfare agents in addition to common toxic industrial chemicals and materials.   The reservoir includes "HydroLock" for easy, one handed ON/OFF water flow on drink tube.  HydroGuard Technology inhibits the growth of bacteria in the reservoir and in the drinking tube.  If you need a mask, you need one of these.  Works with the following Avon protective masks: S10, FM 12, and JSGPM M-50, FM50, C50 and FM53. 

NOTE: Requires the Avon Type A Protective Mask Adapter, Part Number 90662, to connect your Avon mask to the Avon CBR50i.  

We've gotten some questions about why we don't carry the CBRN canteens.  The answer is we don't carry any canteens because they are not very tactical.  During missions where stealth is a requirement, canteens make too much noise.  On patrol, it is best to either have canteens completely full or completely empty so they don’t make any noise.  This means that before starting a patrol, you fill the canteen all the way and shake it to ensure there is no airspace (and hence no noise).  When you open it later on patrol, you drink it empty so there is no water sloshing around.  Not a great way of doing things, but better than having your position given away by canteen noise.  Flexible bladder containers are preferred because they compress as they are emptied, making for less sloshing noise and saving space.  Additionally, bladders have a flatter, longer shape than a canteen, which allows them to sit closer to your body, thus making movement easier and less cumbersome than a bulky canteen hanging off your war belt.  We don’t carry any product we wouldn't trust in combat ourselves, so sorry, no canteens.  

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