C50 APR Assembly (Mask Only) SALE!

C50 APR Assembly (Mask Only) SALE!
  • Manufacturer: Avon Protection
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 70501-188
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Price $399.95

The Avon C50 Twin Port Mask, based on the Avon Protection JSGPM/M50 mask, has been developed to meet the respiratory protection needs of law enforcement, corrections officers, SWAT, and first responders.  

Mask includes: Mask, Faceform 72601-53, C50 User Manual 70501-84, and Storage Bag 71521-1.  No filters, outserts, etc. are included. To save money, you'll do much better ordering the C50 First Responder Kit, which includes more items at lower cost.  Link is here: http://agttactical.com/C50-First-Responder-Kit-SALE-For-A-Limited-Time-70501.htm 

C50 options include a panoramic flexible visor, dark visor, Voice Projection Unit (VPU) with Microphone, EZ Air Unit, high-flow fail-safe hydration device, etc (sold separatly).  The C50 is NIOSH CBRN Cap 1 approved with the CBRNF12B filter and NIOSH 42 CFR 84 riot control CS-CN-P100 approved with the CTF12 filter (sold separately).  The C50 also meets the latest NATO military standards.  The filter side can be changed using Filter Mount Plug Tool (70501-161, not included).  Large Item Number: 70501-187, Medium Item Number: 70501-188, Small Item Number: 70501-189.

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